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Springtime Skincare

How to Nourish My Skin Without Clogging My Pores?

The cold, dry air takes a toll on all skin types. But for those struggling with oily skin and acne breakouts the issue is twofold - how to give your skin a hydration boost while keeping the T-zone shine at bay? 3 simple modifications to your winter skincare routine will help you hydrate and protect your skin without causing breakouts:

Swap your gritty scrub for a gentle cleanser. If you are scrubbing too hard and too frequently, you are not only removing excess oil but also getting rid of healthy cells and compromising your skin's protective barrier. In the winter months you want to lock in as much hydration as possible, so switch to a gentle cleanser to gently remove dead cells and unclog pores, while preserving skin's natural moisture.

Use non-comedogenic sunscreen. When you are in an eternal battle with shine and oiliness, the last thing you want to put on your face is a chalky and greasy sunscreen. However, this is not a good excuse to skip sun protection, look for a high SPF with a non greasy formula.

Add a serum to your routine. People with oily skin often (and wrongly) avoid serums thinking their thick formula will increase oiliness. The truth is that serums are much better hydration boosters for acne-prone skin than thick crèmes and moisturisers. Their molecule structures are smaller, so they penetrate the skin surface deeper and hydrate from within.


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