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Problems ‘down below’?

Genital Lesions

Lumps & bumps ‘down below’ are very common, but people are often embarrassed about seeking help.

Jouvence Aesthetics offers a fully confidential service for patients with genital lesions & conditions. The service is private & discreet and you do not need a referral from your GP or to attend NHS Sexual Health Services. Although NHS Sexual Health services are free some patients prefer to use a discreet private service instead.

Common genital lesions include:

* Genital warts, which are treated usually with cryotherapy or home treatment with creams.

Skin tags, usually removed with electrocautery.

* Herpes Virus (genital cold sores) lesions, usually treated with tablets. This includes on going/ long term care and treatment for genital herpes.

* Molloscum contagiosum, treated with cryotherapy or electrocautery.

* Folliculitus, usually treated with antibiotics.

* Cysts, treated with antibiotics or with electrocautery.

* Itchy conditions, such as thrush or dermatitis, are treated with appropriate creams and pessaries.

Moira Grobicki, Registered Nurse & Independent Prescriber, has worked in NHS Sexual Health Services for 16 years as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner & also managed the hospital service for Mid Cheshire. She also provided the outreach service which offered education, screening and treatment in high schools, colleges, sex on premises venues and MSM venues. Whatever your concern it is likely Moira has seen this previously, so please do not feel embarrassed.

Please contact for further information or to book in for a consultation (you do not need to tell our receptionist what your consultation is for).

Prices are the same for genital lesion treatment as for other body areas - please see our Services & Prices section.

Clinic is now back up and running and very busy!

Contact us for any advice or to book a consultation or appointment

Best wishes

Moira x

07434 664227

01606 841 255

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