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Skin Smoothing & Wrinkle Relaxing

Skin Smoothing & Wrinkle Relaxing 

Before any prescription medicine treatment you need to have a full facial assessment and a face to face consultation with a prescribing nurse, doctor or dentist to discuss all the treatment options for you. This is to ensure that you get the very best treatment for your concerns and gives you the opportunity to ask questions about different treatments.

Botulinum Toxin Type A is injected into a number of targeted muscles to cause relaxation. The injections are small and not usually painful for most people. The muscle relaxation softens the facial or neck lines targeted and results last for approximately 3-4 months. 

Facial treatment areas:

* Forehead lines     

* Lip lines                         

* Gummy Smile     

* Nasal flare 

* Neck bands

* Bunny lines 

* Crows feet           

* Frown lines

* Chin creases/ Pebble Chin.


One area £190       

Two areas £280     

Three areas £310   

Additional small areas from £60-£100

Cosmetic treatment for excessive sweating (hands, feet or underarm treatment for sweating) from £400

Cosmetic treatment for Jaw clenching/Jaw slimming from £330

Nefertiti lift/Platysmal neck bands (to lift & relax muscles in neck) £310

Botulinum Toxin Type A to relieve the symptoms of chronic migraine £550 (treatment given in a CQC registered clinic only)

* Males extra £30 per area all treatments (due to larger muscle size)

Consultations are charged at £25 

This is then taken off treatment price when you have a treatment.9

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