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Thailand is one of the best places to source quality affordable makeup and skincare. During my holiday there I stocked up on lots of new products to try!

Ranging from bargain basics to unique one-of-a-kind brands, it’s little wonder that some of the prettiest girls can be found in Thailand.

The famous Snail White concentrated serum used to be all the rage 5 years ago, but there are even more great brands to discover now.

1. It’s cute, it’s affordable, and it’s definitely quality! – Cathydoll

One of the first things you may recognise Cathydoll for, are the blackhead masks for a mere 20 Baht (50p). It really grips onto the nasty dirt and blackheads stuck in your pores and cleans your skin thoroughly.

2. It’s a beauty blogger favourite for a reason! – Lansley

From stretchmark cream (we hear it’s not bad!) to Vitamin C serum, Lansley has a whole range of skincare options to treat yourself with!

3. Tons of options for every need – Scentio

Another beauty blogger favourite, Scentio has a wide, wide range of products to suit anyone’s tastes. There’s the ever popular whitening milk range that has soap, facial scrub, facial foam and more.

There’s also the white collagen range, tomato, rice, strawberry and MANY more – including an Egg series complete with peel-off mask, shampoo, treatment mask, lotion.

4. The best mattifying powder for oily skin – Srichand Powder

Srichand Powder is so good, it’s been around since 1948, and is still popular amongst Thais (and Thai celebrities) now!

What makes it so good? For those of us cursed with perpetually oily skin, Srichand Powder is great for controlling that dreaded shine while smoothing out our skin and mattifying it.

5. The go-to coconut oil products for your skin and hair! – Inecto Naturals

If you’re a fan of coconut oil and the wonders it does for your skin and hair, then you have to give Inecto Naturals a try.

Inecto Naturals stocks a marvellous range of coconut oil-based products. From coconut facial or body scrubs to coconut hair serums and coconut hair oil – you might just be adding this into your daily regimen.

6. Something different, how about massage oils and fragrant balms? – Ruen Rom

It’s both quirky and traditional at the same time, and if you’re looking for a good massage oil, or fragrant balms (some call them solid perfumes) – Ruen Rom is a good Thai brand to check out available in all Karmart stores.

7. “The most evil mask ever” – Country and Stream

I’m sure you’ve seen those blackhead mask videos that are making their way around online. This honey chamomile mask, as soothing as it sounds, has also been described by a reviewer online as the most evil mask she’s ever used.

While it can literally be a pain to peel off, it really works, so remove carefully very slowly. If you peel this mask off slowly while looking in the mirror, you can actually see your blackheads and whiteheads popping right out of your skin just like in those blackhead mask videos!

8. Always on the look out for organic products – Mad Hippie

If you’re a ‘mad hippie’ on a constant lookout for all things organic, well… Mad Hippie is where you’ll want to look!

Eye Cream, Exfoliating Serum, Face Cream, Vitamin A Serum, and more – Mad Hippie is a good option to look into if you’re in the market for these products.

9. It’s a whimsical kinda thing – Flawless Me

If you like brands for their packaging, you might be interested to know about Flawless Me, a really cute brand with whimsical packaging.

There's a variety of productsthere’s and it’s affordable and works!

1​0. The prettiest masks of all, maybe one of the best too? – Water Angel

Water Angel masks are best sellers for good reason! Choose one according to your needs, whether its the anti-aging unicorn mask (Horse Oil Mask) or anything else.

These masks are great for stocking up on – for those days back home when you feel like doing a mask that’s a little more luxurious!

Most of my shopping in Thailand was for beauty products and I wish I'd had room in my bag to bring even more products home! All of the above products are available on line if you'd like to try Thai!

Some of my Thai stash:

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