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3 Vogue Editors On The Beauty Lessons They Learned From Their Mothers

Updated: Mar 31

While we've all attempted a rebellion, big or small, at some point, often we end up in the same place: your mother was probably right. She was right to tell you to stop tweezing your brows so zealously, she was right to tell you that your foundation didn't match your neck, and she was definitely right to tell you not to lay out in the sun for too long.

In honour of Mother's Day, three Vogue editors recall what our mothers taught about beauty, and how it shaped us.

Twiggy Jalloh, Beauty & Lifestyle Assistant: "Self-esteem isn’t built in a day"

"My mum has always been big on self-care, even before it was a ‘thing’ in the mainstream. Her favourite products are really simple and the techniques aren't too out there, but she would always take that time for herself. She loves glycerin and rose water toner - she’s obsessed with the stuff! My mum was a real beauty entrepreneur and ran a market stall selling fragrance, nail polish and make-up when I was younger, and her signature look is black lipstick with a shiny gloss on top - she’s very glamorous. My mum always taught me not to doubt myself - that's her big thing. She always encourages me and reminds me that it’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with yourself always: self-esteem isn’t built in a day, you work at it. Whenever I’m feeling down or insecure, I think about her and how I know she would encourage me."

Jessica Diner, Beauty & Lifestyle Director: "Invest time in yourself"

"My mum is French and she’s very classically Parisian. She loves Clarins and Sisley and all those chic French brands, and continuing in that Parisian theme, she’s always been very fastidious about skincare. She would cleanse, tone, moisturise, do a weekly face mask and exfoliate, and she would always body brush - those little things that other people might forget to do. She has also always had an extensive wardrobe of fragrances to choose from, but I will forever associate the smell of the classic Chanel No.5 and Sisley Soir de Lune with her. More than anything, she taught me the importance of having a routine and sticking to it and really investing that time in yourself. To this day, she has the most incredible skin and whilst a lot of that is down to good genes, I think it's also the perfect advertisement for the benefits of sticking to a good regime and actively taking the time out of your day/week to treat yourself. Something that I most definitely take pride in."

Anne-Marie Tomchak, Digital Director: "You get out what you put in"

"My mum was a busy working woman with four kids. One of the key things I learned from her early on was the power of having a low-maintenance beauty regime, which I live by to this day. I can literally get my face ready in five minutes. I grew up on a farm in rural Ireland where fresh air was in abundance and meals consisted of fresh vegetables grown on my Dad's farm, homemade brown soda bread and water from a spring well. Now, living in London where air quality is very different and the temptation to eat out or get fast food is part of a hectic schedule, I really value the importance of living well and I'm super cognisant of the impact that your environment and habits have on your skin. It's really ignited my interest in anti-pollution skincare products and drinking as much water and fresh produce as possible. When I was a teenager I used to love sifting through my mother's make-up bag and trying out her lotions and potions - she really taught me about the importance of SPF. I remember that even as young as 17 I was dipping into my mum's anti-ageing creams, solely because they had SPF in them! I went through phases as a teenager and in my early twenties of wearing lots of make-up, but I've come back to a simpler more low-key style now. As adults, my sisters and I get a real kick out of the fact that we now share beauty tips with mum and we all take great pleasure in treating her."

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