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The rise of 'Brotox'

Updated: Mar 31

Men are undergoing more cosmetic procedures than ever before. So much so, the number of male surgical procedures rose 14% since last year, with popular treatments including ‘brotox’ and facial fillers.

“Like never before, the male population is growing conscious of their looks,” says Harley Street Surgeon, Dr Max Marcellino. “They are becoming more aware of the ageing process and as their understanding of treatments grows, they are keen to manage and maintain their looks,” he continues.

While we might opt for botox or fillers to plump our lips or cheeks, guys aspire to appear younger but keep the rugged look – think more David Gandy than plastic Ken doll. “The majority of men prefer the more rugged look, opting to retain some signs of ageing such as laughter lines, over the fresh faced polished appearance, popular in the past.” Explains Dr Marcellino. “Often referred to as Brotox, the most popular treatment I perform on male patients is Botox. Men want very subtle changes to improve their naturally strong expressions, so it is a great solution to lighten deep forehead furrows or severe frown lines,” he explains.

Another part of the allure is that these quick treatments are subtle (full on facelifts have actually decreased in popularity) and can be performed within the hour. “As technology and techniques advance, it is easier than ever to keep a surgery secret, as innovative surgery leaves no obvious scars,” says Dr Marcellino. “Knowing they can achieve fantastic results whilst returning to work the very same day is very appealing.”

What’s more, the male grooming market’s estimated worth is £14.8 billion, meaning guys are not just panic-buying moisturiser, but becoming more knowledgeable about skincare and anti-ageing than ever before. It also means your fancy serums and creams are no longer safe from snooping boyfriends – you’ve been warned.

Prediction forecasts reckon that in the next couple of years not only will there be more tailored products for men’s skin types, but also products for varying degrees of stubble too. So what are you waiting for guys - why should girls have all the fun?

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