The Truth About 'Botox'

Updated: Mar 31

If you’re concerned about the signs of ageing you may have considered anti wrinkle injections (known as Botox, Bocouture, Azzalure) to smooth out your lines and wrinkles. Despite last year marking the 15th anniversary since BOTOX® was first introduced, there are still many common misconceptions about the product, how it is used and who can administer it.

1. Anti wrinkle injections are the same as fillers

False: anti wrinkle injections work by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles so they relax and can’t contract which causes lines and wrinkles to soften. Whereas if you’ve noticed that your lines and wrinkles are quite deep or sunken cheeks are making your face look tired, dermal fillers could help to restore a more youthful look. They can be used for plumping parts of the face that have lost volume due to the ageing process or skin damage.

2. Anti wrinkle injections have immediate effects

False: It takes a little while for your muscles to relax completely, so the results are not immediate. You’ll see the difference between five days to two weeks after your treatment.

3. Anti wrinkle injections are permanent

False: Line and wrinkle treatments can be very effective and last up to four months, depending on the patient. After your initial treatment, the effects of future treatments should last longer as your muscles are already trained to relax. If you're looking to maintain a youthful and rejuvenated appearance, a top-up treatment is usually recommended every three to four months.

4. Anyone can administer anti wrinkle injections

False: Although anti wrinkle injections, fillers and other injectables are becoming easier and easier to come by at beauty salons and in other non-clinical environments, it is important to remember that they should only ever legally be administered by registered practitioners. It is important to make sure that your practitioner is a qualified and experienced medical professional, such as a registered nurse, doctor or dentist. They are qualified to prescribe and to deal with any complications or medical emergencies.

5. You can have anti wrinkle injections done on your lunch break

True: It’s true! Depending on how many areas you are treating, on average it takes around 30 minutes. You’ll be able to leave the clinic as soon as your treatment has been completed, and you should be fine to go about your normal day-to-day activities.

6. Anti wrinkle injections are only for women

False: Lines and wrinkles may be a natural part of ageing, but you don’t have to live with them. In fact, wrinkle treatments for men are growing in popularity year after year. When administered by medical professionals treatments can smooth the appearance of your skin and leave you looking – and feeling – better than ever.

7. Anti wrinkle injections are just for treating lines and wrinkles

False: Although most commonly known as an anti-ageing solution for smoothing out lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles, it is also used for the many medical problems, including reduction of sweating in the underarms, hands & feet.

8. Anti wrinkle injections are a painful treatment

False: Your practitioner will use a very fine needle to carefully complete the series of small injections. This usually takes about 30 minutes in total and, although it may be a little uncomfortable, it shouldn’t hurt.

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