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There are many reasons for enlarged pores including genetics, ageing, sunlight exposure and seborrhea. While they may seem unsightly, pores actually serve a vital function, allowing hair to grow and producing protective oils which rise to the skin's surface.

Do natural DIYs actually have any effect? DIY masks can have a temporary effect, but not a lasting one. Using egg white masks and yogurt masks, combined with honey can be beneficial for tightening pores. Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and it doesn’t clog pores.

Try: A gentle steam can hydrate the skin and make the pores more receptive to products you apply. Once your skin is soft and hydrated, you can apply a mask of yogurt and honey or egg white and honey for 5 minutes, rinse off, and then apply 1-2% salicylic acid lotion to help exfoliate deep into the pores. Top it off with a hyaluronic acid moisturizer as this will offer maximum hydration without clogging your pores. The result will be radiant, smooth skin.

Will alcohol wipes help acne or enlarged pores? Alcohol wipes do nothing to kill the bacteria that causes acne and does nothing for the pores, they only serves to dry out and irritate the skin.

Treatments to help reduce enlarged pores: If you have enlarged pores skin peels will improve your skin texture by removing the dead skin cells on the surface, allowing the new skin cells beneath to grow, giving you a clear and fresh complexion. A peel is also ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin discoloration. Skin peels aren't recommended if you have skin health problems or open sores.

Microdermabrasion will also improve enlarged pores. It works by gently removing the outer layer of dead cells. It's a non-invasive procedure which is beneficial for minimizing pores and can reduce skin imperfections such as acne, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and scars.

Will controlling oil with a good skincare regime improve your pores? Ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, niacinamide, caffeine, and retinol can have an excellent impact on the size of your pores. Taking antioxidant supplements like niacinamide, zinc, copper, and folic acid by mouth can also be very helpful as they have powerful antioxidant and wound healing effects. They’re also anti-aging – who doesn’t want that benefit?! Effective medical skin care products, specifically to improve open pores, will also help with regular use.

Skin regime for enlarged pores: Cleanse

Make sure that you use a cleanser designed for oily skin. Look for a cleanser that includes ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid. Massage this cleanser twice a day into skin for one full minute, as it takes this long to break down sebum.


To help shrink pores you need to get rid of dead surface skin cells and help promote and stimulate cell renewal. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, dead surface cells will build up and make skin appear dull and dry. Plus, they can clog pores which then results in breakouts. Tone

A toner for oily skin is excellent for deeply cleaning out pores. Look for a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid, helping to exfoliate the skin and speed up cell renewal and helping to shrink pores too. Retinol

High potency retinol products can help to shrink pore size by decreasing oil gland activity. Regular use will improve skin texture.

There are also specific products available to target enlarged pores: The Ossential Instant Pore Refiner by ZO Skin Health is designed to reduce pore size, skin surface oil and improve skin texture. Ingredients in the product include, rosa canina fruit extract, which helps to balance oily skin and minimise the amount of oil on the skin surface; salicyloyl phytosphingosine, which aims to exfoliate dead cells around pores, and prevent congestion; and ZO's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant complexes.

Available at Jouvence Aesthetics the ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel uses a combination of three exfoliating ingredients- salicylic, lactic and citric acid to slough away dead skin cells and any superficial blemishes to reveal fresh, clearer skin underneath. It also stimulates cell turnover for continued improvement to the skin. This revolutionary beta/alpha acid peel reduces pore size,stimulates cellular turnover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall skin tone, texture and clarity without downtime.

For professional skin care advice, always seek the opinion of a qualified aesthetic nurse or doctor who will be able to determine the best treatments and skin care for you.

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